Friday, September 18, 2009


In the video “The Machines are Using Us,” by Michael Wesch, I had some interesting reactions, like how quickly the internet is improving and in just a few years also, how the internet has taken over a big part in our lives. In my opinion it seems like the internet is improving a lot every year. There seems to be some sort of update or improvement every single year with websites or programs like Microsoft Word and PowerPoint. In that sense it also seems to get more complicated every year then we find a way to make it faster or easier or both. Although we still read text books and novels in school one of my reactions to this video and in life is that the internet has become a part of class and in our lives in general. Our ways of communication have changed a lot. Websites like Facebook and MySpace have changed that. Not only on the internet but also with Cell phones we communicate way faster now. During the video I also saw the significance in the title; it basically says that the machines as in the computers and Cell phones etc. are now a big part of our lives and practically taking over our lives. I had a lot of reactions to Michael Wesch’s video, “The Machines are Using Us.”

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