Friday, September 18, 2009


The “Did You Know” video was powerful because it shows how powerful technology will become in the twenty-first century. Initially I was surprised to discover that the number of text messages sent everyday is the same as the world’s population. Although this statistic means people can communicate with each other faster, this activity might interfere with other important activities. For example, you could be exercising instead of texting or reading a book. Another surprising fact I learned from this video is that three thousand books are published each day. One other thing that I found interesting was that there are more honor students in China then there are kids in America. This is very interesting, to me it says that the population of China is not only higher but maybe kids in America are slacking. Also I think that the idea that a thousand dollar computer will be smarter than all human beings is very interesting to think about. What will the computer be capable of or will we be able to control it? I thought the “Did You Know” video was very interesting and it made me think a lot.

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