Friday, September 18, 2009

Over the summer I read two books, one was The Loch, and the other was Meg: Hell’s Aquarium, both of which were by Steve Alten. The Loch was about a man named Zach who had just been through college and become a marine biologist. On one of his first major journeys they go down in a submarine trying to find a prehistoric squid sixty feet long, while they are down there thought they are attacked by other creatures and Zach is put in the hospital for a few months. Then he finds out his father is on trial for murder back in Ireland, he travels to Ireland to find out that his dad is convinced that the man was not killed by him but by the Lochness monster. To prove his father innocence, Zach decides to search for the legendary monster. At the same time some other people are disappearing. Eventually he finds it and also finds out why it has been attacking humans. One of my reactions to this book was that it combined a lot of historical information into a fictional story. It included different sightings that people have had and added to it from there. It was very good.
The second book I read was Meg: Hell’s Aquarium, also by Steve Alten. This book was part four in a series about a sixty foot prehistoric shark called the Megaladon. In the book the main character Jonas Taylor owns a large tank meant for whales that eventually turned into the home of the mother Megaladon, Angel, and her four babies who are now forty feet long each. They are getting more out of control and attacking more and more people. At the same time Jonas’s son David is invited to help an Arab aquarium that is being built. They want him to go to the Mariana Trench and capture other prehistoric animals. One of the creatures is one hundred and twenty feet long. They capture a few and at the end Angel and the largest one have a fight. I enjoyed this book a lot. I had a good reaction to the very well written climax. I could not put the book down. Both books were equally good for my summer reading assignment.

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