Friday, September 18, 2009

Class expectations

Good class expectations are very important for a class to be successful because you could not improve without, good teacher expectations, good student expectations, and good general class expectations. For a teacher, they need to be able to keep the classes attention and not keep a lesson strictly a lecture. They need to do some hands on things so that the student is focused and not thinking about other things. In my opinion teachers need to keep note taking from lectures to a minimum but also the student needs understand that notes are important. Although note taking and lectures are not the greatest thing or most fun thing a student expectation is to pay very close attention and get all of the important information out that they will need to succeed. The students need to know when it is a time for class and when it is a time for talking with friends. A very important expectation for students is to respect a teacher and give the teacher a break from having to deal with interruptions. Now for class expectations, the most important one is to get into a teacher to student relationship so that when the class starts you get into a good flow and everything goes smoothly. That is when work gets done and needs to get done every class. Although lectures in classes get boring sometimes, the class should still be able to pay attention and not be messing around. Student, teacher, and overall class expectations are very important for success.

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