Friday, December 11, 2009

PLN 20

In the article, “32 boys and me: Tales from the all boys class” by Anne Smith, she talked about how her all boys class and the different adjustments that she has had to make. She talked about how the boy’s grades were not good because people weren’t turning things in and about how they were some of the lowest she has ever seen. This matters because it is not the teacher’s fault that this is happening. The teacher is teaching fine it is the students that need to step up and get there work turned in. It also talked about the “No D policy.” This is a policy that is supposed to help kids have more motivation to get their grades up. This matters because now that the boys will not have an opportunity to pass with a D it will give them more motivation to keep their grades up in the first place. “32 boys and me: Tales from the all boys class,” mattered a lot because it showed the difficulties of having an all boys class.

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